Travelling Gallery is a mobile art space inside a custom–built bus, which has been bringing high quality contemporary art exhibitions and events to schools and communities throughout Scotland since 1978.

The exhibition, Alt-w: Blush Response, will be a partnership with New Media Scotland and include virtual reality, interaction and animation. Artworks in the exhibition will include intricately made animated paper models by Charles Young, each only a few centimetres high; virtual reality headsets exploring Brutalist Architecture by Dennis & Debbie Club; a life sized model of Pig Bothy with a LED light installation by Torsten Lauschmann and an interactive drawing following the map of Crinan Canal by ~in the fields.



The Design Informatics Pavilion has been designed by biomorphis, an Edinburgh-based architecture practice led by Pierre Forissier. Interested in how digital technology can be efficiently used to design an affordable modular structure, biomorphis developed an algorithm to test & generate different cellular divisions to form a self supporting lightweight building envelope. Using a CNC router (Computer Numerical Control) timber sheets are cut and then pre-assembled in pairs to form cassettes that come together to make the double layer skin. Prefabricated off site, and simply assembled on site, the final pavilion demonstrates how computer algorithms are assisting designers to develop a parametric architecture which is strong, lightweight and evocative to the eye.

The Pavilion houses “Living with Data: Design Informatics” and explores what happens when you start “designing with data” and when things start designing themselves through recent developments in the Internet of Things, Synthetic Biology and the Blockchain.

“Living with Data” looks at a range of domestic experiences and opens up ethical questions of how revealing your data might make us more conscious shoppers and think about how social media affects our privacy. Through to the futuristic possibilities that synthetic biology can offer us as we explore what it means to live and design for a world where things have a life of their own, and where the lives of things become integrated with human practices constructing new everyday rituals.

Blockchain is the underlying encryption technology of bitcoin which allows for many transactions and values to be recorded safely in the form of a programmed, ever growing chain. This technology offers you the chance to get married for 5 minutes with our smart contracting app enabling short term contracts for sharing your wallets and making us think how these new forms of short-term partnerships could open up and update traditionally fixed legal contracts into mobile, contemporary, digital agreements for a range of applications and communities.

Each day we will have a nano-tech talk from each of the artists, check out the chalk board outside the Pavilion for more information on times.

FREE / 4 – 28 AUGUST /



Eclectrc Panoptic is New Zealand born Jess Johnson’s first exhibition in Europe. Using drawings, installation, moving image and virtual reality, Johnson explores her interest in science fiction, alternative universes and the slippery nature and perception of reality.

Her drawing and installation practice is influenced by the speculative intersections between language, science fiction, culture and technology. In her drawings she depicts complex worlds that combine densely layered patterns, objects and figures within architectural settings. Johnson’s drawings are often displayed within constructed environments that act as physical portals into her speculative worlds.

Her recent video collaborations with Simon Ward have involved translating her drawings into animated Virtual Reality, thus enabled an audience to have the simulated experience of entering the hypnotic realms depicted in her drawings.